Beat it

So tired, but making progress. “Beat” isn’t even listed as a verb in the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE), but I found the Dictionary of Smoky Mountains English, co-authored by a professor from our own linguistics department and it was there: “beat: intransitive verb To win.” Ha. Now I have to find similar verbs. What other verbs would work this way:

I beat them so I won.
I beat.

It’s like using a verb referring to the process as a verb referring to the result. And when I think of it, most result verbs can be used transitively and intransitively: I burn it, it burns, but that’s different because there the object is becoming a subject. In this they both have the same subject. Uuugh. Man, it’s driving me crazy, got to do more research.

Also, I found another amazing linguistics blog today: It’s by a man who has a degree in linguistics, but he’s writing about linguistic ideas in everyday life, in the way his two sons talk, in things people say on the news and at the doctor’s office. It’s like all the everyday stuff from Language Log, only more personal and with only one author.

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