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Jesus In The Sugar Bowl

I love Christmas Eve, getting everything set up for Christmas. I made it home last night after some heroic shenanigans on the Mass Pike and stops at several airports that did not have Starbuckses so I could not get my beautiful White Hot Chocolate.

Watched Scrooged last night and found a new favorite movie character–the ghost of Christmas present. Oh yeah.

This morning I got up and made the traditional mince pies, watched the traditional Christmas Eve on Sesame Street(Christmas isn’t Christmas unless you hear Bert and Ernie sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”), and finished setting up the presepe. Mary and Joseph aren’t there yet, though, and Jesus is still hidden in the sugar bowl until tomorrow morning. Tonight we go out for Chinese food, as usual, then go to church for the candlelight service. I love the little candles they pass out, usually already used and waxy and as you hold them through the service they get soft and kind of droopy, then when you light then you can secretly drip hot wax on your younger brothers . . . happy christmas.

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