I got a camera phone

Went to Chattanooga this weekend. I arrived Friday night, after troubles with Atlanta traffic that only my trusty This American Life podcast could get me through. Ashley, Tuggy, and Hannah gave me French onion soup and wine. It was beautiful. Ashley also gave me this shirt, so I could know my role.

On Saturday I finally got to go to Aretha’s! We tried to go for breakfast, but there were far too many people there. There were people sitting on the roof, hanging off the porch by their fingers. It was crazy busy. But going at night was better because then we got to have Guinness. My cousin Sam hung out with us that night. He enjoyed the Guinness.

After that we went to Parkway and played some pool.

The next day Ashley and I walked to church with croissants and mugs of coffee, like little French children. I found Dr. W there and we chatted a bit among the pews. Sunday night we played Settlers at Earl’s house.

Now that I know that I can get the pictures off the phone I’ll have to take some pictures of my apartment, also my syntax books, you know you want to see them . . . I got the camera phone as an early birthday present from my family. Yay for early birthday presents.

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