My bike

I got a bike today! I’m just renting it for while I’m here, but it’s so exciting. Everyone rides bikes here, it’s a big, flat campus, plus it’s the only way to get into town and the best way to get to the train station to go to exciting places like San Francisco and Santa Cruz (i.e. the beach). So I went down the the renting shop today and they hooked me up with this nice blue road bike (pictured below):

And another view (it has a side basket in the back):

I got on it outside the student center and realized that I have no recollection of the last time I rode a bike. I think it was before college. But now, I am going to be all experienced for . . . bikey things. I’m excited. (oh, and can our resident bike-people tell me why some bikes have the straight bar, “boys bike” thing and some have the diagonal bar, “girl’s bike”?)

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