Name confusion

So the new Nick Cave album, Dig Lazarus Dig, has be getting a fair amount of radio play on the stations I listen to, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the DJs keep saying “Lazareth” instead of “Lazarus”, and not only have they been saying it, but it took me awhile to notice. For some reason it sounds so natural. So I checked Google, and they both get a fair amount of hits, but the “Lazareth” ones are mainly from non-English speaking countries. It seems like it’s a mistake, a confusion with “Nazareth,” but I’m not so sure. Is there something natural about substitution “th” or “s”? It’s like a lisp. Or are they two different language endings, “eth” and “us” that we just added to the name “Lazar,” although, to be fair, most of the “Lazareth” hits aren’t about the Bible story, they’re just names.

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