The british money

I don’t know if this is information available on every major internet news site, but I just found out that the UK is changing the design of their coins.

See the new ones here.

Aw, I get all nostalgic about UK coins, I remember when I used to get 10p (one of the old big ones, before they made everything small) as payment for doing my chores every week and I would go and buy lots of sweets and I would think about how great it would be if one week I could save my 10p and then the next week I would have 20p and be able to buy a pack of nerds! But I never did. And I really like the pound coins they have in circulation now, with the different symbols for Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England, and the mottos in the different languages around the outside, Welsh, Gaelic, Latin (can’t have anything in English, that’s far too pedestrian for coinage). But I like this new idea of using the Royal Arms. I’m just not sure about it’s being split up over six coins. It’s a nice design, it’s just . . . it’s coins, they tend to live separate lives and I’m sure there will be kids who never realize that all those funny pictures are actually part of one big picture, but then maybe it will be a great moment for them when they do realize.

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