They eat hipsters too

Went to see the Decemberists in Atlanta last night and now I am wondering, what am I doing with my life? Why don’t I spend all of my time watching the Decemberists play? Why am I in school instead of following them around the country? Alas.

They played all of their epics. It was quite the show, starting with a nice Russian song, sounding national anthem-ish, but I don’t know if it was. After the heroic music died out the Decemberists strode onto the stage, clad in white suits and glory. They started with The Crane Wife parts I-III in order, then The Island. They took a bit of a break from epic and played Grace Cathedral Hill (after some discussion of cities and rats), Billy Liar, Eli the Barrow Boy, 16 Military Wives, and Valencia. Of course during 16 Military Wives we had to have the civil war of the audience members, Mr. Meloy dividing us down the middle and then having fun yelling at people to get out of the no man’s land in the middle, claiming it was full of lava-spewing snakes with fangs who “especially like hipsters,” then he made the two sides of the audience growl and each other and shake their fists, then he made everyone sing louder and louder and then he was done with that. They ended the show with The Mariner’s Revenge Song, which I like so much more in concert, and of course there was the screaming at the whale (who also had fangs, according to Colin). They left the audience stomping on the floor for an encore and came back out to play “one more song.” It was The Tain, oh yes, amazing (for those who don’t know The Decemberists, The Tain is their 20 minute one-song EP, which exceeds their other single-song song-set The Island by a good six minutes). Made me think that the Decemberists could do one mean cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. And oh my goodness, it was great to see The Crane Wife in concert, not to mention The Island, made me realize how much I love them, The Crane Wife for its story and The Island for its rocking prog organ. It was a breathless concert, even with a couple small and slow songs thrown in. The audience was great, I love Decemberists audiences, they yell requests like crazy, but only to show how much they love the band, and really, you gotta appreciate that.

After the show we (Suzanne and I and Eb and Ashley, who I called on Thursday and convinced to come down for the show) went to Waffle House and tried to get enough caffeine to get us back to our respective homes that night. There was cuddling in Waffle House booths and eating of hashbrowns as well. The drive back was uneventful, but nice, I like driving at night. We got back at five, though, and I am feeling a little deprived of sleep right now, but full of love.

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